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Wiltshire Bacon, Gammon and Ham

Smoked Ham

Downland Wiltshire Bacon has to be tasted to be appreciated. From the very thinly sliced streaky bacon which crisps up beautifully to accompany scallops, for example, to the thickly cut, meaty back bacon that is a meal in itself. All the bacon choices are dry cured to our own recipe, contain minimal salt and have little surface fat. No puddles of white water in your frying pan! We smoke our own bacon over natural wood chips, oak in a variety of flavours, oak, apple and cheery – just look at the products to see the choices. Go on treat yourself to some and you will be hooked on our bacon for breakfast.

Ham is not just something you put in a quick sandwich. Our Wiltshire ham is the centrepiece of a meal.
We go to great lengths to get it just right from selecting the legs through to the curing and cooking stages. Nothing is hurried – when its ready we slice it for sale. The cure is our own and we do not pump the meat full of water.   The final ham is moist, slightly sweet, succulent, meaty and very moreish. For the smoked hams, we cold smoke them ourselves over natural cherry or oak wood chips for smoky but not overpowering taste – we want you to taste our ham so buy some now and you will not be disappointed.


Gammon is simply delight on a plate whether hot with pease pudding on a cold winters day or cold with pickles on Boxing Day. Our gammon is made from selected legs of pork, cured to our own recipe and is sold either smoked by us or unsmoked. For quick meals our gammon steaks are good value so why not order some today for lunch on Saturday.


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