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London Farmers Markets

Dear David and Debbie, Can we thank all of you at Down land Pigs for putting on such a great show with your free range hog roast this year at our summer events. Your products were very well received by the 30,000 members of the public that attended both the Marylebone, and Wimbledon Fayres. The organisers of both events were really impressed with the presentation of the stand, the quality of the food on offer.and the professional and informed staff. Outdoor reared Wiltshire pork is a real attraction and tasty addition to any show or special event. The spit roast itself looks spectacular and is a huge crowd puller and pleaser There are very few farmers offering such a great service and we hope this part of your business will go from strength to strength. This seems highly likely as more and more customers demand welfare friendly food products direct from farmers like yourselves that actually grow the raw ingredients. We hope you enjoyed these events and will want to return to them next year. We value your continuing regular commitment to our markets and hope that you can do more roasts at markets soon. – Mark Handley, Director, Londons Farmers Markets

London Farmers MarketsLondons Farmers Markets
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