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Black PuddingOver the years ‘old fashioned pork favourites’ have been forgotten even though they are wonderfully tasty treats so we are reviving them.

Baths Chaps, where they are sold elsewhere, are usually smothered in breadcrumbs but ours are either fresh or lightly cured and gently smoked.  Trotters too are ‘good fayre’ and cheap too with many recipes on the internet for something different.
We also put our Prosciutto in this section as we feel it really is a speciality and comparable to Parma Ham and is very nice on its own with melon as a starter or wrapped around scallops, monkfish or chicken as a main course.

If you really want something hearty try our award winning Wiltshire Pork faggots or for a lighter course, our Pays Pate with toast goes down a treat.

We are always looking to add to this list so why not buy some of these now.


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