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Boned & Rolled Shoulder of Pork

Image of Pork Shoulder Joint


Boned, rolled and scored.  My favourite, this joint is produced from the top muscle in the shoulder.
A joint with great versatility as it is ideal for the Sunday Roast or Pulled Pork. This joint clearly demonstrates the quality of the meat and indeed the breeding of the pig.
It has the highest degree of marbling within the muscle which produces flavour and succulence every time.


Cut from the top of the fore leg and carefully boned out before being traditionally hand tied.


Cooking tips: Roasting 30 mins/lb + 30 mins.

Increase to maximum temperature for last 15 minutes if necessary to finish crackling.
Do not cover whilst cooking; salt can be rubbed into skin at the beginning if required.  Rest for 20 minutes before serving.

Pulled Pork – so many cooking options to achieve this amazing flavoured dish, my suggestion for this recipe is to ask for the joint on the bone.



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