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To keep delivery costs down, we are initially launching with a £20 minimum order value, but we hope to reduce this soon

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We pride ourselves on the quality of our meat and associated products and thought it would be worth sharing this information, where it comes from, what breed and how we prepare the products for you to buy

Find out more about the beef herds and beef products available from Downland Produce

Find out more about our pigs and the range of Pork items that we sell

More information on our Poultry and Game Birds provided by Downland Produce

and finally the information on our Downland Produce grass fed, lamb

Why should you buy from Downland Produce ?

  •  We have the facility to source local meat for special orders.
  • We ensure that the meat meets our high standards on welfare and traceability.
  • We carry out the maturation for our beef fr a minimum of 23 days
  • All of the butchery is undertaken on our premises to ensure the quality meets our, and more importantly, our customers required standards.
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