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Almost every year we enter a selection of our pork or pork products for the prestigious Taste of the West awards. Over the years we have been fortunate to earn the following awards in recognition of the quality of our meat.

We have also won the Best of Sausages in November 2011 and were also a Finalist in the inaugural Enterprising Wiltshire Awards 2013

Awards we won.


Prosciutto – Silver Award in the Cured Meat Class

Cherry Smoked Ham – Bronze Award in the Cured Meat Class

Pork Sausage with Breakfast Marmalade – Gold Award in the Sausages Class

Pork Sausage with Tomato and smoked Garlic – Gold Award in the Sausages Class

Pork Sausage with spicy Pineapple – Silver Award in the Sausages Class

Dry cured Cherry smoked Back Bacon – Gold Award in the Bacon Class



Kolbasz Sausage – Bronze Award

Pork and sweet chilli Sausages – Bronze Award


Downland Premium Ham – Gold Award

Oak smoked back bacon – Gold Award

Oak smoked streaky Bacon – Gold Award


Oak smoked Downland Premium Ham- Gold Award

Downland Premium Ham – Silver Award

Downland Pancetta, Boerevors Sausages – Bronze Award



Pays Plat Pate – Gold Award

Dry Cure Green Back Bacon – Silver Award

Pork Apple and Cider Brandy Sausages – Bronze Award

Faggots – Bronze Award

Dry Cure Green Streaky Bacon- Bronze Award


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