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About Downland Produce Pork

Our pork comes from Lackham Farm in Lacock, Wiltshire.

The breeding sows are owned by Downland Pigs and the herd is managed on a day to day basis by Wiltshire College, Lackham.

The pigs are large white x landrace x Duroc x Pietrain. This combination of breeds gives our animals the ability to enjoy life outdoors all year round and produces fabulous meat. Our meat is succulent because of the marbling within the meat and carries less surface fat while keeping the flavour.

When we do not have enough of our own pork we buy pigs from another farmer with whom we work closely and their free range pigs are raised to our high exacting standards.

Our selected animals go direct from the farm  to the abbatoir by our chosen transport and are returned as carcasses to us for butchery.

All meat preparation is carried out by us in our new butchery unit and all fresh meat is sold within seven days. Obviously bacon, proscuitto and hams do take time to cure and prepare so they are sold when they are perfectly ready.

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