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Hand Made Sausages

Hand made, fresh pork sausage selection

Our sausages are freshly made, by hand every week. They contain no artificial colours or flavours and have between 73%-90% lean shoulder meat from free range pigs, maximum 10% fat, succulent with an open texture, natural skins, home-made natural stock, no colouring, no food enhancers.
Most seasonings used are mixed by us and we only use natural casings.  All are carefully made, linked and packed by hand.  They are then hung in in our chiller for 24 hours so the skins dry and meat settles, allowing the stock flavour and seasoning time to infuse the pork.Choose from one of our many varieties of sausage, ranging from TRADITIONAL to TOMATO WITH SMOKED GARLIC.  Be warned, there’s a lot of pork in our sausages!

Each pack contains six sausages totalling over 1lb (475g) in weight so larger than your average banger!Don’t just take our word for how delicious our meat is….. We have an enviable array of Gold, Silver and Bronze Awards given by the Taste of the West  over recent years.   We also have two Gold stars from Great Taste Awards from our first ever entry this year.

You can see more details on our range of sausages and purchase via the Sausage Menu on the left

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